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Automatically convert your Magnet files to .torrent links

Magnet links

Magnet links feature a better way to negotiate communication between clients of P2P networks. They serve as an alternative for old-fashioned torrent-files. Thanks to DHT, this approach does not involve the participation of trackers, so file sharing is not controlled and regulated by other than the network bandwidth means.

A majority of torrent websites switches to magnet links. They do not require extra space and are easy to use. The downloading process is started once a user clicks on the link.

Nevertheless, there are some cases when torrent-file is the only way to establish the connection between peers. The list includes:

  • Outdated client, which cannot work with DHT;
  • Rank maintaining. If a user participates in a ranking system of torrent-tracker, there is a point in keeping it increasing. There is no way to do this with the help of magnet links, as they cut out the tracker from the process completely.
  • A browser, which cannot associate magnet links with torrent-client. Among the most popular ones Chrome is reported to be of the kind, yet there are hotfixes for this issue.

Either way, you do not need to get stuck with the drastic changes.

How to make a torrent-file from a magnet link

  1. Copy the link.
  2. Paste it in the field.
  3. Download the file

The implemented algorithm creates the file according to data that is stored in a magnet link. After the successful conversion, you can use torrent-file as you wish.

There are no limits on the number of operations per day. The service is fully at your disposal.

The only restriction is the file type. The website generates torrent-files only. No support for other P2P protocols is available.

For your convenience, the service provides backwards operation as well. Just click “Switch” button at the top of the page to make a magnet link from your torrent-file.

Use file sharing as you want. Do it your way.